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Drifting the Brewed KA-T S13 at P1 Circuit Tucson, AZ

Brewed Motorsports KA-T Nissan 240sx

For those of you who have had the pleasure of sliding a properly set up drift car in a safe environment you will understand. For those who have never had the opportunity or have simply never given drifting a fair chance, we hope after this quick read you’ll go plant your ass in a “skid…

Buddy Club DC5 Touring Car – Track Support by Brewed Motorsports

Buddy Club DC5

Over the last 3 months a handful of Brewed employees have been hard at work on an extra special project for an extra special customer racing a Honda DC5 in multiple Asian touring car series. Late August Brewed Motorsports was contacted by Buddy Club Thailand in Bangkok. Buddy Club’s request was simple – it was…

Circuit Racing in Thailand

Thailand track support

Here at Brewed Motorsports we take pride in building close relationships with all of our customers. Whether you are ordering parts, getting your cars ECU / EMS tuned or need our experienced team at your next track event to ensure your car’s suspension, brakes and engine are operating at peak efficiency Brewed Motorsports has you…