What is Etuning and does it work?

Etune or Etuning: to create a custom ECU/EMS calibration/map for an engine/car through the internet (from a remote location). This process usually requires data logs to be sent through email to the tuner who will review the data and email an updated calibration/map back to the customer/car.

Velocity Element RB26 turbo manifold dyno testing

Etuning has opened up opportunities for people in remote places without any local “tuner” to build the car of their dreams and have it professionally tuned for $500-800 USD. Over the past 15 years Etuning has become increasingly popular with our customers both international and domestic. Brewed Motorsports offers Etune support for just about every ECU or EMS on the market including: Motec, AEM, Haltech, Vipec, Hondata, Cobb and many more. Now more than ever we are tuning cars for customers looking to get more performance than their local shop or tuner is able to provide. If you want the absolute most out of your build we are here to make that happen.

Here is a good example from one of our Brewedtuned RB26 customers that hit the dyno to compare the real world roller dyno reading with our Virtual Dyno results from Etuning. The results from Virtual Dyno and the roller dyno used were extremely consistent and the car has been making over 600 hp at the crank with only 19-20psi for the past 7+ years. Not only does this car see regular street time in Europe it also crushes super cars at the local circuit on the weekends! ***this is a stock block N1 RB26 with OEM nissan pistons/rods/bearings and crank.***

Nissan R32 GTR Skyline:

Wheels 18×10” (not the lightest wheel/tire combo but good match for this particular GTR)
Stock Block/stock head with 264 cams
ID 1000cc injectors
AEM series 2 EMS Brewed tuned
AEM in tank fuel pump **wired to 30amp relay**
Velocity Element dual knock sensor kit
Velocity Element T4 twin scroll turbo manifold
S362 FMW turbo

Tuned by Brewed

If you need help getting your ECU or EMS set up with a custom Base Map and E-tune or your current tune needs some love in check out our E-tune options and feel free to contact us any time. Not sure what ECU you need? No problem we tune just about everything and our team is happy to discuss all tuning options available for your application to ensure the best results. We offer a wide selection or plug n play Motorsports friendly ECU options just about ever engine package you can dream up. 

2 R34 GT-R’s both running our Plug n Play AEM Infinity ECU package. Purple car is on a Tomei 2.8L stroker and the grey car is on a fresh OEM rebuild. These are both customer cars located in South Korea. 

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