Turbo Antilag: ALS tuning – Rally style secondary air injection

Honda S200 flame thrower

Antilag Systems Explained Anti lag has become a great option for eliminating turbo lag on any turbocharged engine in all forms of motorsports. We here at Brewed Motorsports use ALS in every last one of our turbocharged engines from mild street cars to aggressively tuned high boost track cars. Drag race applications use a form…

9 Questions with Chad Lampano, Customer and Driver

Chad Lampano customer interview

Here are Brewed Motorsports we love to hear from our customers. We pride ourselves in getting to personally know each and every driver as well as their projects. Chad Lampano is a fellow sliding enthusiast we were lucky enough to meet and drive with down in Phoenix, Arizona at the monthly Drift and Drag events…

Formula D Streets of Long Beach 2012

Formula D Streets of Long Beach 2012

The Streets of Long Beach has been the first location for the season opener for Formula D since its inception, and the location couldn’t be better to showcase the new cars and talent for 2012. The ocean air mixed with unmistakable smell of burnt rubber will never grow old and always gets the blood pumping….

Thailand Flush Style – Wide, Low and Pokin!

With ever expanding horizons we are constantly finding ourselves in different corners of the world, yet some how no matter where we end up there is always something familiar… Late this March we found ourselves knee deep in the first annual Flush Style show in Bangkok Thailand. With over 500 cars, huge center stage sporting…