AEM Infinity Plug n Play EMS for Porsche 996 Turbo and 997 Turbo and NA

Porsche AEM Infinity EMS

With the development of the Infinity EMS, AEM Electronics threw every possible feature they could into their new engine management system. AEM developed one of the fastest processing high-end motorsports capable systems available today. The AEM Infinity EMS’ have proven themselves to be incredibly capable standalone engine management systems throughout a variety of racing: drag, drift, rally, circuit,…

AEM Infinity Plug n Play EMS Honda S2000, K20, K24, B18, D16

2jz aem infinity 6 plug play kit

When AEM Electronics started developing the Infinity EMS, they threw the rule book out the window and took everything they learned from the development of the series 1 and 2 EMS and expanded upon them tenfold. AEM set out to develop one of the fastest processing high-end motorsports capable systems at a price point that even…

2JZ AEM Infinity 6 Plug and Play ECU Knock Control Tuning

AEM Infinity 506 Plug & Play Individual Cylinder Knock Control The 2JZ has proven to be one of the most reliable and “easy to make power” engine platforms ever built. With a stock bottom end that will hold over 1000hp and plenty of affordable aftermarket parts the JZ series engines have proved their place in history….

BMW M3 AEM Infinity EMS and E-tune

AEM Infinity EMS

What is E-tuning and does it work? E-tune or E-tuning: to create a custom ECU/EMS calibration/map for an engine/car through the internet (from a remote location). This process usually requires data logs to be sent through email to the tuner who will review said data logs and email an updated calibration/map back to the customer/car. Why E-tune?…