Full-Race KA24DE Twinscroll Turbo Manifold T3 / T4

$1575.00 - Contact us for special offers on all Full-Race parts

Full-Race has raised the bar for KA24 performance. Based off our hugely successful SR20DET Twinscroll manifold design, the KA24 twinscroll manifold utilizes twin-scroll “divided pulse” technology in order to have incredible power without sacrificing response. Great spool up, huge midrange, huge top end and broad power bands are now possible.

Key design features include:
·  A twinscroll merge collector creates a turbulent free area for the exhaust gasses to enter the turbine housing in even pulses at high velocities and low pressure drops.
·  Machined flanges after fabrication ensure leak free seals.
·  Collector placement allows the use a single TiAl 44mm and still maintain accurate boost control
·  Robotically TIG welded for ultimate strength and longevity.
·  Flange surfaces machined flat for a leak free seal.

Check out one of our customers S14 using the Full-Race KA24DE Twinscroll Manifold.


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